Reviewing Completed Tasks

Reviewing completed tasks can be a tedious task when their are hundreds of tasks for your project(s). Luckily, we have a quick and easy way to get to the list for you. 

All Wubur project(s) tasks are designed to be dependent upon either a view ( what you see ) and a controller (what makes what you see work ). When you see VIEW in the title of the task it means it's a design of some sort, or what you're going to see, if you see controller, it means it's something that works on the back end and may not be something you can physically see. 

When you click on Projects in the navigation bar, you will then be taken to the project overview. A secondary menu will appear under the name of your project. If you click on " tasks ", you'll be taken to the full task list of your project. By default, it'll be broken into cards or milestones. Each card has a title. The title describes what the tasks under it are related to. for instance, If I have a home page card, all the tasks under it will be related to my home page. 

Note though, home page tasks may not appear here if they were tasks added after the project was completed and provided to us as a bug. There is typically a new card created for just bugs. Look for the card labeled " bugs " , or " bug " for information on those tasks. 

Once looking at the task list, you should see a small grey box with three lines and three dots next to the lines ( on the left middle of the page ). If you click this it will turn your card view into a list view. However; a new option called " filter by " will now appear. If you click " filter by " you can select " completed ". This should allow you to view all of the tasks that have been marked as completed by Wubur, and you. Clicking on the task name will pull up the individual task you clicked on.

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