Filtering tasks for completed, in review, Awaiting approval, and not started - What they mean and how to navigate them

Wubur has four main task types. 

  • Not started
  • In progress
  • Awaiting Customer Approval
  • Internal review

Not started - This means that the task has been created but it has not been started on by our team. If you click on a task from the task list that shows not started, you will see a task before anyone has done anything with it on our side. 

In progress - This is a task that has been started and may require information or data to move forward. However; it typically means that we're in the process of completing it. Your best bet would be to look at the Deadline for the task. Tasks generally say in progress once started until a day or two before it's due. 

Awaiting customer approval - This means that we're waiting on you, the customer to approve something we've done. Generally we give detailed instructions on how to review the task we need you to approve. Once it meets your standards, you simply need to log in, look at your tasks, find the task that wants approval, and approve it. Though, you will get an email as well asking you to approve a task. you can also simply log in, click on projects > your project name > tasks. Tasks that require approval will have a yellow box surrounding them notifying you that you need to approve them. We ask that you review this page at least 2 - 3 times a week, or any time you receive an email from us letting you know we need you to approve something. 

Internal review - This means we are internally reviewing the task with our QA team, and once passed it will either be sent to you for approval, or be marked internally. This often happens when a task is an internal task like a database creation task, or something that can't be tested by the customer. Often times related to a controller ( or back end function ) that communicates with another task that you don't have direct interaction with. 

We encourage you to review all these different types of tasks in your portal so you can always have a good understanding of where we are on your project. We've outlined below how to get to your project tasks, and how to navigate the different task types for ease of reviewing. 

  • log into
  • Click on " projects " from the top blue navigation bar
  • Select your project name
  • On the overview screen, a new sub menu should appear below your project name, select " tasks " 
  • On the new tasks page, look for a small grey button that looks like three horizontal lines ( about half way down the left side of the page ) , select this, and your task list will change from a card view, to a list view. 
  • After doing the above step, a new button that says " filter " will appear. Select filter and you'll be able to select the various task types outlined above. Select the task type you want to view. 

you'll be able to filter through the task statuses, exceptionally useful for those that don't want to spend time looking through each and every task for your project.

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