How do I sign my contract?

In order for services to begin, you will need to sign your contract. This creates an agreement between Wubur LLC, and yourself. Doing so is quite simple and we've outlined the steps below to achieve this. 

1. log into your account at
2. In the top navigation bar, navigate to " contracts " 
     - Additionally, from your main dashboard after logging in, you can click on the box that says " contracts. 
3. On the contracts page, you will see a table that lists the subject, type, signature, start date, and end date associated with it. 
4. If you have one that does not have a signature assigned to it, you can click on the subject of the contract, see image below. 

5. Once you click on the contract itself, you'll be presented with the contract and some other useful information. 
6. In the top right corner of the page, you'll see a green button (Though, the color may be different) that says " sign "
7. When you click sign, a pop up will appear and ask you some basic information, as well as your signature. 
8. You are able to sign with your finger (on a mobile device, such as a phone or tablet), or with your mouse. 
9. If you have any questions about your contract, there is a discussions tab you can click, just to the right of the contents of the contract in the upper right corner. When you ask a question here, your project manager is notified and can answer any questions for you. 
10. Once you have signed your contract, you can download it to have a copy for your records. signing your contract activates your project with us.

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