How do I view my project(s) in the wubur portal

The Wubur portal is a hub for all things related to your project. Some of our customers have one project, some have hundreds! the best way to access these projects is to click on " projects " located at the top navigation bar once you log in. From here you can see : 

  • The number of not started projects
  • The number of in progress projects
  • The number of on hold projects
  • The number of cancelled projects 
  • The number of finished projects
  • All of your current projects in line below the project submmary
  • The project start date
  • The project Deadline
  • The billing type
  • And the status of the project

This is a good page for a quick glance at what's going on with your project. If you click on the project name of the project you want to review, you will be taken to the project overview.

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