Can I create tasks myself?

This heavily depends on the type of project you're completing. Wubur offers the following payment terms. 

  • Fixed rate
  • Per Hour
  • Per Task

Fixed rate projects are projects that we quote for you before you begin the project. So we isolate all of the tasks of the project and create a task wireframe for you. These projects can't have additional tasks added as it would require a price change, and it's dependent upon what the task is. In cases like this, you would not be able to create your own tasks, and the option to create a task would not be visible. 

Per hour tasks are projects that you have open, that allows you to add tasks as you please. In order to have access to create your own tasks, you must have a project that is considered per hour, and you must have a positive balance in your wubur account of at least $55 dollars. As the hour (or whatever you have in your balance) is depleted, we will notify you, and you will be asked to add additional funds into your balance. 
Note: If you have hosting services with us, this minimum is dropped to $35. 

Per task cost projects would not allow you to create tasks because tasks would be rated at a set cost. To avoid you from creating a project with too much work, or too little work, we require you to discuss the task with us before it's added to your project.

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