Can I add employees to my account?

Yes, you can add additional employee logins. Unfortunately, this needs to be done by opening a ticket with our support team. 

  • Login to
  • Navigate (in the top menu) to " support "
  • Select " Open Ticket "
  • Fill out the ticket, and request with the department of " General Support ". 
  • In the description, simply provide us the name of the employee, the email address of the employee, and the permission settings of the employee. The following permissions can be set.
    • Open Support tickets
    • View invoices
      • Pay invoices
    • View tasks
      • Comment on tasks
      • upload files to tasks
    • Change login password (Admin Only)
    • View projects
    • View total paid
    • View project discussions
    • Upload files to projects
    • View uploads

If you wish to add the employee with only the following permissions

  • View tickets / open tickets
  • View projects
  • View tickets
  • Reply to tickets
  • Pay invoices
  • View invoices

This is the most common level of permission because it allows your employees to complete major tasks for your company, without giving too much capability. If you request an ADMIN level, they will have the same permission settings as you have. 

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