How does Wubur Bill me?

Wubur doesn't do traditional billing. We do this for a multitude of reasons. The most important reason being it's just easier to track. Also, it almost always works out best for you. It's important you understand our billing so there are no confusing issues down the road, so we've outlined everything in clear, easy to understand bullet points. 

1. Every time you make a payment, Wubur gives you a credit. 
2. As work is performed on your behalf, we bill against this credit. 
3. If more credit is required, we ask that you make a payment to fullfill your credit to allow for additional work to be completed. 

That's it, it's that simple. Your probably wondering why we do it this way. If wubur quotes you, say $500 to build a landing page, and you pay 500, then you would be credited $500. As we go to work, we don't just take your $500 and call it a day, we bill you hourly based on the work that's actually being completed. Often times, that $500 dollar estimate only ends up costing you $435, or $450. The remainder of the balance you have with us is still available for you to use. 

This likely poses a few more questions. 

Can I get a refund on the unused portions of my balance? 

No, all balances must be used for services that Wubur Offers.

I see that you may be under the estimate, but won't you also go over sometimes?

Of course, it's hard to assume we're perfect. Though we are under budget considerably more than we are over budget. Also, we don't just keep working until you're out of available funds. Because of the way we've always done traditional billing, we're pretty good at estimating the amount of work a project will take. All projects are guaranteed to be within 5-10 hours of the quoted development cost for a project that's projected to be over 20 hours. For projects that are expected to be less than 10 hours we have a 2 hour plus or minus buffer zone. This buffer zone means if we quote you for something that's less than 10 hours of work, and we get about half way done and realize it's going to take us an additional 10 hours, the most we would ever go over is 2 hours. The same applies for under budget projects too though, the main difference is the 2 hours isn't the limit when it's in your favor. When the budget is in your favor we don't put a cap on it. So, if we were under budget by 7 hours, then you would just get to keep that money in your account. 

Do I have to pay for my project all at once?

No, of course not! You only need to deposit 20% of the project total in your account before we will begin. Once that 20% has been depleted though, we do stop work until after you've deposited additional funds into your account. It's important to note that Wubur does provide you with a contract that has a contractual date for a project to be completed. You are still required to pay for the work that's being done before that date. We're simply taking the payments you're already paying, and giving you credit for them, then billing against that credit rather than taking all of the money for the work we quoted you as we want to be able to leave you with credit if we manage to do it in less time. This leaves you with more budget for additional changes you may have omitted when you initially started your project. 

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